Friday, December 10, 2010




Feels kinda weird not having to work on my academic papers, anyways now i can freely write.
All the time I've thought of vacations as some free time I can spend on anything I feel like doing, doesnt even matter if its something completely stupid and useless, but thinking it clearly, it's free time to do what we like the most. In my case: writing, singing, painting and now also dancing. So welcome dear vacations and make yourself home, I've been waiting and I wont waste you, I'll make the waiting worth it, I'll enjoy doing all I love.

"No one is telling me the speed i should be travelling, so watch me take the lead."

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sounds like fantasy.

It's like talking with no words
Like singing with no voice
Like writing with no letters
Like painting with no colors
Like flying with no wings
Like loving with no heart
That's how dancing feels for me
You can go away from the world with just some movements
Feel hundreds of emotions
Free your soul and body
Show and express what you have locked up in there.
Its simply AMAZING.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I found a sentence.

You. Me. It just wouldnt sound right together in the same sentence. But YOU make ME smile. And that's a sentence in which those words totally fit. There's not even need to try hard, you just do it. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Could I ever win in the end?

Lonely. Isn't exactly the word to describe what i'm feeling, but it is the closer to describe it.
Love. Isn't exactly what my heart is missing, but we could use that word until i find the exact one.
I learnt that who doesnt take risks, never wins. But I'm not sure if my wishes of winning this time
are bigger than my fears of losing. I wouldn't only lose the chance, I would lose much more.
I'm scared, I'm doubtful, I'm fearful... but I'm also curious...
I could jump to the pool, run away of everything or just close the doors to love until a new season comes.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Prospice by Robert Browning

"Fear death? To feel the fog in my throat,

The mist in my face?...

...For sudden the worst turns the best to the brave."

Monday, June 28, 2010

If I was like Kant thought humans were...

...This would be the debate inside me

Reason: Wake up, open the book, read, memorize, understand. That's what you should do and what you are suppoused to do.

Passion: Close that shit. Turn up the volume. Stand up and do what you really feel like doing. Dance, bounce, jump, you know you want to.

Reason: You! insult for human race! Put your feet on earth. Sit down, let's try this one more time: FOCUS.

Passion: No no she's not being an insult for human race because of following me, she's just being herself, following a part of her nature, a part that is as relevant as you little squared reason. Why don't you stop trying to rule over me? don't you understand she can't always keep it your way?

Inspirated by ayreon

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Anomia con expectativas

No tengo ganas de hacer nada. Ni me importa que esta sea la semana de examenes. No me importa nada. No quiero hacer nada de lo que se supone debo hacer. Tan solo quiero dormir. Soñar. Escribir. Sentir que puedo escaparme de todo esto sin necesidad de ir a un lugar ajeno al que vivo. Escaparme de todo este mundo, que me presiona, me exije, me pide siempre que le demuestre lo que soy y sobretodo lo que deberia ser.

Quiero cantar, gritar, bailar sin hacer caso al hecho que no deberia hacer ninguna de esas cosas. No importa. El mundo nos asfixia con ordenes. Ahora yo quiero crear el mio. Donde no importa nada, donde lo que valia ya no vale, donde hay que hacer lo que se supone que no. Donde solo hay que preocuparse por nunca perder la habilidad de volar, de sonreir, de salir de lo comun.

"Para que caminar cuando se sabe volar?"

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tan solo un segundo

A veces todo esta en paz
Tranquilo . Silencioso
Incluso aburrido
Por la monotonia de la vida no caotica.

De pronto un cataclismo se aproxima.
Sin avisar.
Sin dejar ni un segundo para prepararnos
No nos deja si quiera intentar desplegar las alas
Alas que en nuestro ultimo vuelo quedaron mal heridas
Talvez con una pequena senal hubiera podido intentar sanarlas
al menos forzarlas, forzarme a volar .
Inclusive el dolor de seguir volando con alas rotas hubiera sido menor
Menor a lo que se siente ahora
A lo que me ahoga
Lo que me aplasta
Lo que no me deja ponerme pie
No puedo ni pensar

El aire parece estarse agotando
Las paredes de esta habitacion parece que se van haciendo mas estrechas
Se acercan cada vez mas entre si y parece que me van a comer
Necesito salir de aqui
De este lugar, de esta situacion de este dolor
Necesito un segundo despejado
Tan solo uno. Por favor.
Para pensar o al menos recordar
que todo podria volver a la normalidad.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Winter Town

Today it was different, all felt different. I woke up late. (Okey that's not different, but the rest of my day was or most of it). I didn't run to class as i'm used to, and during my entire college hours got two surprises. There's no better sensation than when you get something you werent expecting, right? I think that sensation was the one that still has the same reaction inside me : A SMILE.

Tests, tests, tests we have to take those our entire life. Maybe even life is a test, who knows? I just don't like the fact that tests look to me like something we HAVE to do to SHOW everyone we are good enough at something. Anyways, doesn't really matter how i feel about them, there will always be enought tests to take, to keep us busy or entertaint, you choose any o f those words, the one you like the most.

I felt changed today, like if i was seeing the same world i see everyday, with other eyes. Even my reflex in the mirror looked different. I just ask myself if this weird mode of me will perdure for more than for a day. Even winter doesn't seem to taste the same. The cold temperature around me doesn't even have the same effect, it even makes me feel kinda comfortable. And again as with lots of things in my life I don't know why, but this time i'm okay with that.

I couldn't stop listening to this today, i guess it went with my mood or just sounded nice enough and pass my very own sound test, (do i have one? maybe haha.):

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Felt home there for a second, just a second

Being in your arms doesn't have the same flavor.
Let me go, please.
It doesnt feel like the place it used to be.
I dont belong here anymore.
It's like i'm a piece from another puzzle.
I don't fit between your arms.
You no longer fit in my mind.
Stop painting flowers for me.
They are so pretty that make me wanna keep living in your world.
That world you live in, that one you didn't even made up for me.
That world i don't fit in.
That world that i get in when you embrace me.
Let me go, even if i don't wanna go
Make me go, make me leave.
Make me wake up and live.


"The only thing worst than not knowing is you thinking that I don't know"