Saturday, April 30, 2011

When two become one

Beyond our bodies, beyond what we could touch,
more than a impulse, more than attraction, more than just chemicals,
just more and beyond everything, everything.
Intimacy is such a little word now, its not enough.
Two becoming one, two heartbeats synchronized 
your breathing, my breathing, our breathing its one now, just one.
For first time in our life we realize something was missing in our selfs
Me. You. It's amazing how it seems that we fit perfectly in the other's arms.
For first time in our life we finally  get a clue of the complete meaning of love.
The perfect balance between pleasure and the deepness of emotions,
Between you and me, between our hearts and bodies. 
A balance in which you cannot separate it's two dimensions.
They are one, they have become one.
I'm complete now and it's all because of Love, your Love.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Touching Sky

I discovered how amazing human body is. 
I mean, our movement possibilities, 
our emerging energy every time we decide to reach some place, our senses that let us feel all those movements, that energy and the contact, anytime we let us just go with the music and dance to the beat. 
Feels warm, inside and out side. 
You can even feel the hundreds of connections that are inside your body, that take the sensation i am talking about everywhere, 
even to the most unexpected places. 
I think you even get a different view of life after you let go your body (and heart), that way
I guess it is cause you just opened to a complete new side of sensations and freedom that you have never experimented before
or maybe i am just a little too crazy
excuse me, a little too passionate i meant.

After this, I just found out a new meaning for the chorus of the song let go:

"so let go, just get in, oh, it's so amazing here,
 it's alright, 'cause there's beauty in the breakdown"  
Yeah i just ruin the deep meaning of the song, i know, it's just that the song was playing when i was writing this. Sorry again, it just made sense to me.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I finally found you, my missing puzzle piece

Warm, the dictionary says that warm is:

1. Somewhat hotter than temperate; having or producing a comfortable and agreeable degree of heat; moderately hot.
2. Having the natural heat of living beings.
3. Preserving or imparting heat.
4. Having or causing a sensation of unusually high body heat, as from exercise or hard work; overheated.
5. Marked by enthusiasm; ardent.
6. Characterized by liveliness, excitement, or disagreement; heated.
7. Marked by or revealing friendliness or sincerity; cordial.
8. Loving; passionate.
9. Excitable, impetuous, or quick to be aroused.
10. Close to discovering, guessing, or finding something, as in certain games.

It's true, its all of that, ALL. Being together, when we are so close or even just holding hands, it doesn't matter,is so warm. 


"The only thing worst than not knowing is you thinking that I don't know"